Dear Younger Me, That Magic Moment

Dear Younger Me,

In movies, especially musicals, there’s always a scene where the guy or girl realizes they are loved by their crush. They sing about it sometimes or tell their friends about it… maybe even scream about it.

Basically, it’s an exciting moment and they can’t believe their luck. This one piece of news has brought them the greatest joy.

I was listening to the radio the other day. A well-known, often heard Chris Tomlin song played, but it took on a new meaning for me.

You see, I had been driving in my car, feeling lonely after hearing all about my new friend’s romance. I wondered when I would get my “he loves me” moment, when this song suddenly came on…

Jesus. He loves me. He loves me. He is for me.

And I thought, this is that moment! The way those characters sing or talk about their true love, how excited they are to have requited love, that’s the same when we talk/sing about how God loves us.

“He (Jesus)  loves me” should be said with just the same, if not more excitement.

You’re already living the greatest romance of all time, so stop wondering when the other one will come.


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