Dear Younger me, Pouch of Stars

Dear younger me,

Do you understand the impact you make with small gestures of kindness?

From holding the door open to paying a compliment, these are what build people up. These, in a sense, add up. It’s like carrying around a pouch of stars and handing them to people as you go about your day, so when darkness comes, they’re all still shining.



The Best Tour Guide of your Life



After reading Psalm 49:14, “For this God is our God forever and ever; He will be our guide even to the end.”, I started thinking about a potentially silly analogy. The more I thought about it though, the more I felt I should write about it.

The job of a guide has always appealed to me. I’ve had dreams of being a safari guide, or honestly, even the cheesy Jungle Cruise guide at Disneyland. So whenever God is called our guide, I get excited because to me, it means He is our guide on this great adventure, just like a safari. But, I began thinking about this concept in greater depth after Psalm 49:14.

A tour guide is the most knowledgeable one on your adventure. Sometimes you even pay for a tour guide because they know special information that no one else does. God knows everything. We don’t have to pay Him for the knowledge, but we do have to listen. Just like the tour guide, if you aren’t listening to them, you might miss out on great information or insight. If we stop listening to God, we will miss out!

Another thought I had was the fact that you can sometimes get behind or lost on your tour. If I don’t keep my eyes on the guide, following His steps, path, I could very well lose sight of Him or not know where I am going. Similarly, life can be distracting. If we take our eyes off of Jesus, our guide, we may find ourselves lost. Watching and following is important and vital in our Christian walk.

Now, I don’t know if you have experienced this before, but sometimes tours have their boring moments. You pass by something uninteresting or maybe there’s nothing to talk about for a particular time as your just walking to get to the next place. Life can have its dreary mundane moments, the valley, so to speak. We have to hang in there through those moments, though, so we can get to the next adventure. The best part about this time is that our guide is still talking to us, still leading us. Jesus never ceases to lead us in our life and He always wants to be in relationship with us.

A tour guide makes all the difference in your experience. Jesus is the best guide you could have. If you choose Him to be the guide of your life, every moment will feel like a great adventure with Him.