His Best

Singleness can really hurt sometimes. When you have the very real desire for marriage and family, and another year passes you by, and you are seemingly nowhere closer to that dream, it hurts.

What can be hard for me, personally, is when I see a possibility with someone great, but then God says, “No”. I am back at square one and begin to ask God, “When?”, “Why?”, “Who?”.

While reading a book this morning, called Rhythms of Rest, by Shelly Miller, I was reminded of How God brings us into a future far beyond our imagination if we wait and trust in Him.

In the book, the writer and her family feel called to move from the states to London. This has been a great desire of theirs and God confirms through many people , circumstances, and words that He is leading them there.

So, they quit their jobs, sell their personal possessions, put their house on the market, and take their son out of school. They are more than ready to go. And yet, nothing seems to happen. Jobs in London do not line up, their house stays on the market untouched. They must wait in this uncomfortable place where they have laid it all out on the line to trust in the Lord for their dreams.

After a time of waiting and trusting, Shelly says , “And then the better than we can imagine comes true.” Their house sold, her husband got a wonderful job in London, and on top of all of that, a newer, updated, amazingly placed house in London opens up for them. The house is in a neighborhood they assumed was too nice for them, near shops, and a beautiful park.

She writes, that if they hadn’t waited on the Lord, if they had arrived in London just a bit earlier, this house wouldn’t have been an option.

Maybe it is strange to compare this story to singleness, but I am going to connect the dots anyways.

I know many of us are ready. We are seeking Jesus, mature, serving, selfless. We are not holding back our spouse due to our own spiritual life. We have laid it all out for Jesus to give us our dream, but it hasn’t happened yet.

However, if we choose to do something outside of God’s will, speeding things up, we will miss His best. And when we think someone is great and could be a possibility, and God says no, it is probably because He wants something much better for us than we do and only He knows when it will be time.

I know I would be heartbroken if I realized I went outside of God’s plan, only to see that I missed out on something better than I could have imagined.

It might make very little sense. We may hurt deeply as we wait, but be encouraged to wait sisters and brothers, because if you do, I know God will blow you out of the water with His best for you in this area of your life.




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