Je suis (I am)

Hello, my name is Jessica Mills. I personally am nothing extraordinary, but I have some extraordinary dreams, know some extraordinary people, and have done some extraordinary things. I am a junior at Arizona State University studying Conservation Biology. I volunteer at the Phoenix Zoo, a place I respect very much. I want to work with wildlife, not closely, but in protecting wildlife and habitats. I was born in Comoros Islands, Africa and have many international friends. I am a major movie buff, an eclectic music listener, a classic literature nerd, and a bit of a computer addict at times.

I am hoping this blog will not only be interesting to write but interesting for people to read. I plan on posting about wildlife, nature, my walk with Christ, insights, movies, literature,  you name it, I’ll write it. This could include stories from the zoo I volunteer at, an appearance of an animal out in the Arizona desert, an interesting new fact discovery at school, and many other possibly random but fascinating information. Thanks for coming on my adventure with me.

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