What Christmas Means to me

For so many years of my life, Christmas was just the wonderful holiday when Jesus was born. We sang Christmas carols and we opened presents.

I realize that there is THE meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s son, but I just wanted to share personally what it means to me.

Anyways, when you grow up in a church, you never wonder what Christmas is about, but it took a really long time for the meaning to hit me to my soul. It didn’t move me so much as a younger person. Of course I was happy that Jesus was born, but my mind was mostly on other things, more the spirit of Christmas than the Savior of Christmas.

I had chosen to follow Jesus, accepted His sacrifice, confessed my sins, said the prayer, in 4th grade. But it was in my later high school and early college years when the whole concept of living for Christ and the sacrifice He made hit me hard.

Through my best friend cutting me out of her life, a very much failed relationship with someone, a struggle with school and confidence, my savior became my best friend.

So, it hit me. Just like how I get excited about celebrating my sister’s birthday or a close friend and being full of gratitude that that person was born and put into my life, Christmas was the same.

My best friend was born. The only friend who sticks by me no matter what, never fails me, blesses me, protects me, listens to me, loves me unconditionally, gives me the best advice, and comforts me, was born! Finally, I got it. I’m celebrating the birth of the most important person (God) in my life. So, now, every Christmas, I am so excited, so overjoyed that my best friend was sent to the earth to save the world and love us all!

And on Christmas day, in the midst of opening gifts and fixing beignets, telling stories, cleaning up, I have that silent moment in my room when my heart feels overwhelming love and gratitude for Jesus Christ!



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